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App: Clock Walk Vancouver

Hosted on GitHub:

Note: an ArcGIS Online organizational/developer account is required to run the “Clock Walk Calculator” analysis tool for drive-time areas

Mission Statement

The Vancouver Clock Walk fosters sustainable active living through urban exploration.

Our app, is designed to encourage people to go out and explore their city through sustainable non-motorized transportation. The app works by showing people how far they can walk from their current position based on a set time and includes interesting nearby locations. By encouraging people to get outside and learn about their community in small manageable stretches of time, our app not only promotes active living but demonstrates how easy it is to move around the city without motorized transportation.

Video Presentation


Team Members

Brendan Lamb: Brendan Lamb is from Berwick, Nova Scotia, and is currently studying Planning at Dalhousie University. Brendan is passionate about Urban Activism and hopes to get you online interactive mapping to help communities make positive changes in their communities.

Daniel deMoissac: Daniel deMoissac is from Manitoba and is a student from the Dalhousie School of Planning. Daniel intends to continue learning about mapping and transit systems and would like to apply it to a career in the field of urban planning.

Laura Wilson: Laura Wilson was raised all over Ontario but now calls Halifax home. She is an undergraduate at Dalhousie University completing her BSc in Biology and plans to continue her studies after graduation with her focus on a career in wildlife conservation.

Florian Goetz: Born and raised in Saskatoon, SK, Florian Goetz is an undergraduate student in Dalhousie University's School of Planning. Florian is seeking a career in urban planning, so that he can help develop a more sustainable future.