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App: e-Range

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Mission Statement

The mission of E-Range is to promote the validity of sustainable transportation to both current and future vehicle owners in Canada. We strive to advocate for the use of battery powered vehicles not only in urban areas, but to all corners of the province. Our goal is to encourage the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by allowing users to see the potential for electric vehicles in their area. Our focus on Canada is based on the country being one of the world’s largest per capita greenhouse gas emitters. This, linked with an expanding electric car market make E-Range a valid resource for achieving sustainable transportation.

Video Presentation


Team Members

Matthew Brown: Matt (left) is a fourth year student at McMaster University in the Environmental Sciences program. This is his first time competing in the app challenge. He plans to continue working towards obtaining a Master's degree in the next couple of years, and to continue participating in app challenges to come.

Michael Kirchin: Michael (middle-left) is a fourth Honours Biology student. This is his first time competing in the app challenge.

Victor Timpau: Victor (middle-right) is a third year Computer Science student at McMaster with a strong interest in games and virtual reality, hoping to make the next big user experience.

Yorgan Pitt: Yorgan (right) is a sixth year Earth and Environmental Sciences student at McMaster University. He is very interested in GIS technologies and their application towards spatial statistical analysis. This is his second year participating in the ECCE app challenge.