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App: Student Commute Ontario 2017

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Mission Statement

Student Commute is dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by increasing ride share to and from post-secondary institutions.

This app is for students commuting to and from a post-secondary school. These students share a way of life. This commonality between commuters allows for a sense of familiarity that students will be more comfortable with and will reduce the number of cars on the road, travelling from and to these destinations.

Video Presentation


Team Members

Michele Tsang: (left) I'm in my 4th year of Earth and Environmental Science and completing a minor in GIS at McMaster University. I am currently working on an independent thesis project, monitoring land change of the badlands in Italy using remote sensing.

Anna Kulesza: (middle) Passionate for planning and empowering communities, Anna has spent her university career learning the skills to be a resource and a leader in the McMaster Community. Through her roles as Education Coordinator, Event Planner, and President at McMaster she has seen the power of collaboration and community involvement. Working as an Employment Surveyor (City of Hamilton) and volunteering for the Hamilton Street Tree Project (Ontario Public Research Group) she has seen the development of the employment and environment initiatives that Hamilton has implemented, which cultivates her passion for Hamilton. Anna hopes to become involved in community planning by applying her Honours Geography and Environmental Science Degree, specifically focusing on urban geography, transportation.

Kayla Wong: (right) I am a fourth-year student at McMaster University, studying Honours Geography and Environmental Sciences with a Minor in GIS. I am currently completing an undergraduate thesis under the supervision of the McMaster Centre for Climate Change on Soil Respiration in Dispersed VRH Treatments. I have an interest in studying the functions of the urban landscape and how they impact the natural environment.