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App: Map2Green

Hosted at SFU:

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Map2Green Goals

Map2Green aims to:

  1. Help meet the city of Vancouver’s goals for achieving sustainable transportation.
  2. Streamline the process of finding locations in which sustainable transportation infrastructure can be implemented or enhanced.
  3. Use real-time citizen-based route data.

Launch the app live here.

Video Presentation


Team Members

Taylor Anderson: Taylor Anderson is a PhD student in Geography working in the Spatial Analysis and Modelling Lab at Simon Fraser University under the supervision of Dr. Suzana Dragicevic and focuses on modelling complex geographic phenomena using approaches such as cellular automata and agent-based modelling. Their latest work seeks to represent emerald ash borer dynamics, an invasive beetle species that infests and kills North American ash trees. Using these types of models to represent forest insect infestation provides the opportunity to anticipate future patterns of spread and test the effectiveness of a variety of eradication strategies before they are implemented.

Olympia Koziatek: Olympia Koziatek completed her Masters degree in Geography in the Spatial Analysis Modelling Lab at Simon Fraser University (SFU) with her research focus on 3D urban modelling. Under the supervision of Dr. Suzana Dragicevic, Olympia developed spatial indices and a geosimulation that identifies optimal locations for urban compactness growth and simulates 3D growth at a building-level resolution. Since her degree, she has continued on as a sessional instructor at SFU teaching subjects related to disaster communications and statistics for geography.