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Esri Canada congratulates Team Earth Link, the 1st Runner-Up of the App Challenge 2017!

App: Urth-Routes

Hosted on GitHub:

Urth-Routes Mission Statement

Urth-Route is a navigation app focused on sustainable solutions to transportation by promoting the use of alternate transportation modes to stay healthy and reduce your carbon footprint. By informing users of their estimated emissions released for their trip, users can reflect on their contribution to their carbon footprint and climate change.

We encourage the use of alternative transportation modes such as walking, running, and cycling, which release zero emissions. By showing the convenience and accessibility of biking with the inclusion of Community Access Bikeshare stations and bicycle parking locations across the region of Waterloo, communities can be empowered to have active and greener lifestyles.

Video Presentation


Team Members

Jaydeep Mistry: Jaydeep (left) is a 4th year Geomatics student from Scarborough, Ontario. He enjoys panoramic photography and travelling.

Stephanie Wen: Stephanie (middle) is a 3rd year Geomatics student from Kitchener, Ontario. She enjoys geo-tagging her Instagram photos.

Carmen Kong: Carmen (right) is a 3rd year Geography and Environmental Management student Scarborough, Ontario. She enjoys exploring the great outdoors and good puns.