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Esri Canada congratulates Team Sweet e-Motion, the winning team of the App Challenge 2017!

App: Traffic Hazard Data Management

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Mission Statement

Deteriorating transportation infrastructure has become a major issue in aging cities, and this significantly complicates urban planning procedures. For developing and maintaining a logistically, socially, and environmentally sustainable transportation system, it is essential to have an accurate and up-to-date knowledge of hazards within the system (e.g., dangerous road conditions, speeding issues, etc.). This information is important to have for pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, and public transit users to ensure accessibility of urban areas.

Unfortunately, the costs of obtaining such accurate data ongoingly can be quite prohibitive, and collecting the data can be logistically challenging. Furthermore, it can be difficult for data collectors to observe more subtle systematic defects in a transportation system. It is therefore desirable to crowd-source traffic hazard information.

Our application seeks to satisfy this need to gather and analyze traffic hazard data ongoingly. As such, our goal is to provide the public with a means to report traffic hazards to city officials, and to provide urban planning experts with a means of intuitively organizing and analyzing this crowd-sourced information.

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Team Members

Stephen Kosmachuk: Hi! My name is Stephen Kosmachuk (left). When I’m not at school studying 4th year Geomatics Engineering I’m at home with my three dogs, still studying 4th year Geomatics Engineering!

Justine Abdelshahid: Hi! I’m Justine Abdelshahid (middle) and I am a 4th Year Geomatics Engineering Student at York University. I love music, movies, and surveying! I’m really excited to be a part of this challenge and I hope that I can learn more about GIS and application design through this week!

Benjamin Brunson: My name is Benjamin Brunson (right), and I am currently in my fourth year of Geomatics Engineering at York University. I am fascinated by spatial analysis techniques, and am always looking for learning opportunities.