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App: Elevated Oasis

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Mission Statement:

Green roofs, sometimes referred to as “eco-roofs” consist of a system where waterproofing membrane, soil and vegetation overlay traditional roofing systems. Such a conversion can contribute immensely to lowering costs associated with storm water runoff, energy use, and material waste reduction.

Environmental benefits also exist. Green roofs serve as a habitat for species of ground-nesting birds, improve air quality, decrease pollution from runoff, prevent weathering, improve soil moisture and evapotranspiration cycles, reduce greenhouse gases, and mitigate urban heat islands on microclimates.

Ultimately, greener cities are healthier cities – the overall quality of life among the population is only one of many externalities associated with having more green spaces in your city. Urban dwellers across North America are fighting to include more green spaces into their cities, planners are incorporating green design into their projects, and property owners are continuously searching for ways to increase the property valuation of their buildings. Green rooftops are the one of the latest and greatest approaches to appease this multifaceted need.

The Elevated Oasis Application works to provide its users with a way to plan and promote green roofs in their city. Whether it is a concerned citizen who wants a to know if a green roof can be installed on their building, a planning department who wants to know the availability of installations in a particular area of the city, or a property holder who wants to determine the cost of a green roof installation, or just an interested individual; Elevated Oasis is here to help. The Elevated Oasis application works to provide its users with information suitable for determining the potential of installing or retrofitting a green roof. The 3D component of this application adds an appealing touch to the overall visualization of the data.

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Team Members

Denise Vachon: (left) Hello, my name is Denise. I am currently perusing a post-graduate diploma in Advanced Geographic Science at the Centre of Geographic Sciences in Nova Scotia. I am excited to hone my skills in computer programming and data management through my participation in this application challenge. My current research interests include machine learning applications in feature extraction and data obfuscation applications in public privacy.

Mykhala Penney: (middle-left) Hi! I’m Mykhala Penney and I am currently completing an Advanced Post-Graduate Diploma in Geographic Sciences, concentrating in Remote Sensing. I also have a degree from the University of Toronto where I spent my time mainly researching different aspects of urban planning and the environment. When I am not studying you can find me enjoying my time outdoors!

Malcolm Elliott: (middle-right) My name is Malcolm Elliott, I Graduated with my degree in Geography at Mount Allison University in Sackville New Brunswick in May of 2017. Currently I am spending my time studying for the Remote Sensing concentration as part of the Advanced Diploma in Geographic Sciences at the Centre of Geographic Sciences in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia. When I’m not studying I enjoy spending my time camping, hiking, drinking craft beer, and eating great food - if possible all at the same time. I’m also currently watching Game of Thrones but I’m only at Season 4, no spoilers please!

Eric Palo: (right) My name is Eric Cornelius Palo. Currently a student at Centre of Geographic Sciences concentrating in Remote Sensing. I have a background from the University of Ottawa with a major in geography and minor in geomatics. With interests in drone usage, LiDAR, and the outdoors, I continue to expand my skillset to be able to combine these interests as a career.