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App: Mind Health Network

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Mission Statement:

Mental illness is exceptionally common in Canada, with 1 in 5 Canadians experiencing a mental issue every year.1 Such illnesses predominantly affect adolescents between 15-24, with about a quarter of such individuals taking their own lives.2 In the majority of such cases, assistance from health professionals and community-based services can have profound benefits on those suffering from mental health conditions. Yet roughly 75% of the individuals affected have not visited such services.3 This is principally due to the confusing nature of the mental health services available to individuals in Ontario, with many unsure where to begin searching for help, where to go for a particular type of problem, and what types of services are available to them.

It is of paramount importance to simplify the process of seeking and receiving mental health support in Canada’s most populated city. A free and open service that informs members of the public, especially vulnerable youths, of local mental health services in an accessible and intuitive manner will build effective support networks for those in need. However, as it stands, there is no centralized platform that provides such information. Furthermore, there are no services that categorize a given facility by urgency of the demand (e.g simply seeking information or requiring urgent care) or provide valuable and consistent feedback on the performance of facilities, facility staff, and overall patient satisfaction of the treatments received.

Our application seeks to satisfy these needs by alleviating the burdens of untreated mental illnesses. Mind Health Network provides the public a centralized means of locating mental health services in close proximity to the downtown Toronto core, as well as organizing such locations by urgency. Furthermore, we allow users to rate the quality of their experiences with a service utilizing a short, 12 question Survey123 form embedded in our application. We hope that this application can be scaled to the provincial level, and even the national level in the future, to extend our platform and mission for a more integrated system of mental health support.

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Team Members

Alex Ristic: (upper-right) Hey! My name’s Alexandar, and I’m currently in my fourth and final year of Life Sciences at McMaster University with a minor in GIS. I am deeply fascinated by the realm of web GIS and am always looking for new opportunities to expand my skill set and broaden my horizons.

Alice Naphtali: (lower-right) Hi, all! After completing my Masters in History from McMaster University, I wanted to challenge myself by learning a new discipline completely out of my comfort zone, and I soon became invested in McMaster’s GIS Department. I’m looking forward to all the planning and experimenting we’ll undertake during the App Challenge!

Cinye Li: (lower-left) Hi, everyone! I’m currently in my last of Honours Earth and Environmental Science with a minor in GIS. I am interested in incorporating GIS with environmental topics such as hydrology and using GIS to solve for problems that arise. I look forward to the challenges and obstacles that comes along with the exploration of GIS.

Kevin Chau: (upper-left) Hello, everyone! I am currently in my last year of Honours Biology and Environmental Science with minor in GIS. I am greatly interested in integrating applied ecology, with the environment through GIS. I look forward to the possible explorations in GIS technology.