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App: Day One

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Mission Statement:

Moving countries isn’t easy. Between finding the immigration office to get necessary documentation, the registry agency to get a health card, the motor association to get your license registered, and then finding the nearest IKEA to get furniture, the arrival process can be stressful, confusing, and complicated.

There are many programs and support services available to help new immigrants get settled, but the data existed in many siloed databases. Different databases can be accessed through Federal and Provincial agencies, NGOs and charities, and community associations, but can get lost in a sea of information, and isn’t always conducive to someone with beginner English language skills.

The Day One application is designed to easily locate areas of interest that any new immigrant or international student may need when they first arrive in Canada. Our idea was sparked from the experience one of our team members, who is an international student studying in Canada. When he first arrived, the process of getting settled was accompanied by many logistical hurdles, and he felt he could have benefited from having a single, easy-to-use resource where he could look for everything he needed.

We developed this application to help people in similar situations to optimize their “Day One” in Canada.

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Team Members

Andrew Grab: (left) Andrew Grab is an Alberta born and raised student currently in his 2nd year in Geomatics Engineering at the University of Calgary. He loves a challenge and being occupied by various extracurricular activities so that he is never busy.

Erica Lemieux: (centre-left) Erica Lemieux is a second year student in the Geomatics Engineering program at UofC, specializing in Energy and the Environment. After spending 4 years running an urban farming business, she is excited to be in the Geomatics program to bring together her passion for re-envisioning underutilized urban spaces with the exciting world of GIS.

Mikko Ramos: (centre-right) Mikko Ramos is a second year student in Geomatics Engineering at the University of Calgary. Originally from Dubai, he moved to Calgary in 2016 and joined the faculty to explore new options in Engineering. With an interest in finding ways to utilize GIS in new and novel ways, he joined the ECCE Program, aiming to develop and expand his skills in the field.

Aaron Chen: (right) Aaron Chen is a second year Geomatics Engineering student at the University of Calgary. With his love of programming, art, and design, he aspires to create unique solutions to everyday problems.