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App: TrailCrew

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Steps to open application using AppStudio Player for ArcGIS:

  1. Get the AppStudio Player for ArcGIS for iOS or Android devices:


  1. Open AppStudio Player, and from the menu sign-in with an ArcGIS Online organizational or developer account.

  2. From the AppStudio Player menu, choose to scan a QR code, and point the camera at this image:

QR Code

Mission Statement:

High volumes of traffic in the National and Provincial Parks across Canada has had a positive impact on Canadian tourism. After last years celebrations of Canada 150th birthday, where all the public was granted free access to the National Parks across the country, one must ask themselves how these increased numbers have affected the park. With large areas to maintain and an ever decreasing budget, it has become increasingly more difficult to properly monitor and protect Canada’s natural areas. High costs and unrealistic manhours would be associated with obtaining all the necessary information about the trails and recreation areas within the Parks.

Why not use the increasing numbers of the public to aid in collection of real time data through trail, wildlife and facility reports? Introducing TrailCrew, a native mobile and web application that brings together outdoor enthusiasts together with parks staff to help report and maintain the natural world. The goal of this application is to crowdsource the collection of trail information, to allow for better delegation of resources and up to date information on trails and park facilities in the area.

Video Presentation


Team Members

Jamie Horrelt: (left) Jamie is a third year Geomatics Engineering Student at University of Calgary. Jamie is from Prince Edward Island and has a previous degree in Business Administration from Bishop’s University. Jamie enjoys hiking, skiing and spending countless hours in the computer lab.

Jeffrey Plett: (middle) Jeff is a third year Geomatics Engineering Student at University of Calgary. Jeff enjoys hiking, biking and backcountry camping. Jeff works for Parks Canada in the summer at Riding Mountain National Park and he has a passion for using Geomatics technologies to solve Parks related issues.

Morgan Moe: (right) Morgan is a third year Geomatics Engineering Student at the University of Calgary. Morgan is from Calgary, Alberta, and has a previous degree in Kinesiology from the University of Calgary. Morgan is an ESRI student associate and she enjoys paragliding, hiking and mapping with UAVs.