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App: Community Traffic Hazard Awareness

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Mission Statement

Ever had a tail light out? How did you find out that it was no longer working? We’re guessing that someone told you. That’s the idea behind this app – we let people know what isn’t working. Our idea is for the community to assist each other when things aren’t functioning properly. To start, we are focusing on traffic, mainly: road lights, stop signs and yield signs. If any of these things are malfunctioning, broken, or missing, our app will bring that to the attention of the required personnel who must tend to the issue. Our app creates a more accessible avenue for members of the community to notify each other, and their municipality leaders and road-side technicians of relevant issues.

Video Presentation


Team Members

Scott Coulthard: (left) Scott Coulthard is a business student at the Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria. He is passionate about app development and data analytics which is why he got involved in this competition. Although new to GIS, he thoroughly enjoyed the experience and loved the opportunity to learn.

Erin Unger: (middle) Erin Unger is a Geography student with a concentration in geomatics at the University of Victoria. This challenge was her first attempt with app development.

Tianming Wei: (right) Tianming Wei is currently a post doctoral fellow with Prof. Yvonne Coady in computer science department of University of Victoria. He is enthusiastic on the Esri challenge and keeps pushing everyone during the challenge period. He basically plays the bad man role in the team but everyone loves him.