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App: Campus+

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Mission Statement

A university’s environment defines a student’s experience over the course of their entire education. Our app “Campus+” easily connects students to the process of improving the spaces they use everyday, allowing them to pinpoint locations on campus to input comments, photos, suggestions, and more. With real-time data collection, campus updates can be evaluated, prioritized, and completed as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Following Western University’s Open Space Strategy aimed to build on the beauty of campus, and transform campus centred around world class education and research, areas of change include:

We believe through focusing on these principles, students can collectively contribute to transforming campus into a place designed to be the best for them.

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Team Members

Jody Yu: (left) Hello, I’m Jody Yu - currently finishing 3rd year at Western University in Honors Specialization GIS! I love learning about geospatial technology and how it is constantly changing.

Peter Coxford: (middle) My name is Peter Coxford (centre) and I am a third year student at Western University pursuing a bachelors of science in GIS. I love studying everything to do with GIS, remote sensing, and map-making, and look forward to continuing my studies next year!

Aiden Poole: (right) I’m Aiden Poole and I am currently in my 3rd year at Western University in London, Ontario studying Honours Specialization in GIS. I’m looking forward to completing my undergrad and hopefully diving right into work in the GIS field after graduation.