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App: Sustainable Life: Vancouver Park Finder

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Mission statement

Parks are an important aspect of sustainable urban development, they increases a cities green space, protects nature ecosystem, provides clean air, and reduces peoples anxiety. The Vancouver Park Board maintains more than 230 parks that make up 11% of Vancouver’s land mass. The large selection of parks in Vancouver gives Vancouver’s resident great opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and promote awareness for having accessible green spaces in an urban environment.

According to the Greenest City 2020 Action Plan, Vancouver plans to increase green space in neighborhoods and increase the amount of green transportation on the road. The goal of 2020 Greenest City Plan inspired our group to design a web app to promote enjoy park use while reducing environmental impact. We developed a park finder to find the parks that suits the users need, then we incorporated transit, bike lanes, and electric charging stations to present user with multiply ways of reducing greenhouse gas output when traveling.

As Urban Area expand, the web app we developed will encourage residents to support the idea of preserving and creating new green spaces by making green spaces more accessible and customizable. At the same time, promoting a greener way of traveling.

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Team Members

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