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App: Greenomatics

Hosted on GitHub:

Hosted in team’s GitHub repo (https://github.com/uowaterloo/greenomatics/):

Mission statement

Our vision for sustainable urban development is the reduction of single-household grocery trips through a grocery delivery service in Calgary. With our app, users will be able to see how a delivery service that accommodates multiple homes can further environmental sustainability through decreasing the emissions of single-household grocery trips.

Video Presentation


Team Members

Sheryl Chau: (left) I am in my final semester of my undergraduate studies in Geography, specializing in Geomatics. I am passionate about understanding spatial relationships in the physical and social world. After graduating in June 2019, I will be starting my graduate studies in alpine hydrometeorology. I enjoy being in the mountains, whether it be hiking in the summer or snowboarding in the winter!

Raghav Sethi: (middle-left) Hello, I am a software developer currently studying in 3rd year at University of Waterloo. My interests include web app development, design and UI improvement. I enjoy problem solving and like to apply my skills to real world problems. I am experienced using technologies used in geomatics. I have entrepreneurial nature and is additionally motivated after winning at 2 hackathons. I also like making funny noises on my guitar and flute. I pronounce mayonnaise as "my own knees".

Rohit Verma: (middle-right) I am a 4th year Environment and Resources student with an interest in GIS and ecology. In the future, I hope to use my knowledge of ecology and spatial patterns to understand the effect of urbanization on local ecological systems. After graduation, I will be starting my graduate studies to pursue these research interests.

Hunar Malik: (right) I’m a 3rd year undergraduate at University of Waterloo pursuing Hons. Geomatics with double minors in Computer Science and Management Studies and Specialisation in Climate Change. I’m tech savvy and love to face challenges. I love environment too and no matter why I’m here today. My background and my good knowledge in the computing languages and algorithms make me a good coder with essence of environmentalist. We, the young brats are responsible for mitigating the dreadful effects on the environment and hence, we are using GIS and Web Mapping tools as weapons in our fight to make our environment sustainable.