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App: COVID-19 Assessment Center Locator (CACL)

Hosted on GitHub:

Hosted in ArcGIS Online:

Mission statement

The goals of CACL were very simple:

To help people find the nearest COVID-19 assessment center to them in the Greater Toronto/Hamilton Area. Then, display directions and information on how to access it.

The final app is very simple, easy to use, and tells people the hours and specific information on which entrance to use and if a referral is needed. It’s useful and has a few interesting features that make it very easy to be maintained.

Finally, users can print their directions to their nearest assessment center.

It’s made through Esri’s ArcGIS Online Web App Builder and currently found here.

Video Presentation


Team Members

David Zaslavsky: Fifth year Biology/GIS student. My time at Mac and with GIS has been spent between ecology and conservation projects and public health GIS projects. Ready to finish off my degree and time as a student associate in the app challenge!

Todd Wong: Fifth year Anthropology and Geography student. My main focus is using GIS tools to perform analysis on Archaeological topics. I have been highly involved in GIS over the past 3 years and want my final year as a student associate to end off with a bang through this app challenge.

Sherry Chen: I am a 5th year undergrad studying Biology and Environmental Sciences with a minor in GIS and Chemistry. I am interested in using GIS to predict and estimate the effects of water levels and human settlements on coastal wetlands.