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App: Anti-Allergy

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Mission statement

Welcome to Anti-allergies, this is a user-interactive web app developed for the Canadian population that is sensitive to seasonal allergy. According to the research, approximately 20% to 25% percent of Canadians suffer from this seasonal allergy, which comes from certain species of trees that release pollen during springtime. Under this circumstance, the patients are unable to do outdoor activities such as hiking and short distance city trips, due to severe symptoms of sneezing, itchy eyes, hives and coughing. Thus, the purpose of this web app is to assist the allergy-sensitive population to locate the areas in the city where there are various trees that release allergens, in order to avoid the illness and make well-prepared city trips.

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Team Members

Andrew Sud: I am a graduating student in the Urban Development Western currently studying as a visiting student at the University of Toronto. I am interested in applying GIS to the development process and using this technology to drive efficiency that is often lacking in the development field.

Xiaoyan (Christine) Cong: I am a third year student studying geography science and GIS at University of Toronto Mississauga. My interest is doing outdoor geography-related field research with others. Also, incorporating the geography knowledge with GIS can always help me learn more about the research topic that I do.

Tian Ze (Philip) Jia: I am a second year undergraduate GIS student studying at the University of Toronto Mississauga, my broad research interest is GIS relating to everyday life. My dream is to let more people acknowledge and apply the power of GIS.