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App: Active Transport Accessibility Score Mapping Application

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Mission statement

The environmental and health benefits of active transportation should be accessible to all members of the public, regardless of individual accessibility requirements. Accessible Active London (AAL) aims to evaluate and communicate the accessibility of walking/cycling paths around the city of London, Ontario. This mapping app promotes public engagement in heath, transport and accessibility through public participatory GIS (PPGIS), by inviting the public to use the app to plan active transportation and report accessibility issues in London. Public engagement in improving the accessibility of active transportation routes will make London a healthier, safer and more inclusive city while connecting members of the public.

Video Presentation


Team Members

Victoria Barlow: Victoria is currently in her 4th year of an Honours Specialization in GIS at Western University, and will be continuing on to a MSc in Geography next year. This is her second year being an ECCE student associate.

Jack McIlraith: Jack completed the Honours Geography with Emphasis in GIS program at Trent University, earning a B.Sc. in Geography and an Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Geographical Information Systems - Application Specialist from Fleming College. Jack began his master's studies at Western University in the Geospatial Lab in the fall of 2019. Jack has been an Esri Canada Centres of Excellence Student Associate since the fall of 2019.