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Esri Canada congratulates Geo Nerd Herd, the 1st Runner-Up of the App Challenge 2020!

App: Toronto Health Care Query System

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Mission statement

Smart City is an emerging concept that describes a highly-digitalized urban area. Using technics of electronic Internet of Things (IoT), the City’s data, resources and service can be efficiently collected, stored, managed, accessed and analyzed. The city data digitalization can be very beneficial for its citizens, especially in Healthcare. The healthcare needs of the citizen are very high in volume. But managing this onrush of literally millions of patients has forced the industry to confront significant challenges. And the most fundamental challenge is how to provide the right care at the right place at the right time at an affordable price (to individuals and society). A system containing digitalized Healthcare resources helps the healthcare providers to promote their services as well as helping the patients to find the needed health care. Healthcare resources digital transformation builds this bridge between the healthcare providers and payers.

Living in the age of digitalization, every aspect of care delivery and operations has been changed from the past. This generation of patients is not willing to spend time on traditional processes of searching. Instead, they want immediate access to the right healthcare service, professional doctors and results. They do not want to waste time going to the wrong services. They want price transparency and supporting data to help make healthcare decisions. So, it’s important to have a system enabling smarter choices and better utilization of time and resources.

This application is expected to step ahead closer to the digital smart city. The team members organize the data from many various resources and generate a healthcare database for the Toronto citizens. Taking advantage of Esri’s smart mapping GIS Online system, this application’s goal is to provide a healthcare querying platform, improving Toronto citizens’ experience of looking for health care that in need. Using our app, the patients will have clear information that which hospital/clinic should they go to, what’s the healthcare capacity and how long they will expect to wait before seeing a doctor.

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Team Members

Xuyang Han: Data Scientist and Full-stack Developer, han978@yorku.ca

Xuyang Han is a Masters student in the Department of Earth and Space Science Engineering at York University. Data analytics and data mining with more than one year and a half of well-rounded experience. Built the first Crowd-sourced bathymetry database in North Canada Area. Applying Machine Learning Models to improve Marine Trajectory Clustering and Anomaly Detection. Skilled at GIS. Have experience on Full Stack Developing. Looking for an opportunity to work and upgrade, as well as being involved in an organization that believes in gaining a competitive edge and giving back to the community.

Aman U. Usmani: Software, Geomatics and Data Engineer, usmani@yorku.ca

Aman is a candidate for Masters in department of Earth & Space Science Engineering at York University. After completing his undergrad in Computer Science, he joined the software development industry and polished skill set in Game Development. In 2018, he started research study with focused towards BIM, GIS and IoT oriented integrated system for smart cities application. Furthermore, his core skills is programming with best practices, and interests of software architectural designs, planning, development, analysis and optimization.

Amirhossein Nourbakhsh: Software, Geomatics and Data Engineer, amirnbr@yorku.ca

Amirhossein is a Masters student in the Department of Earth and Space Science Engineering at York University. Experienced Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Network Analysis with a focus on Location Based Services .Skilled at Java, Node.js, MongoDB. Self-motivated and determined type which always ready to face the challenges with a problem-solving manner. try hard to stay away from the unhealthy and disturbing status quo of the society and do best to find ways to upgrade people and life to a higher level.