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Esri Canada congratulates G(oose)IS, the 2nd Runner-Up of the App Challenge 2022!

App: ReLinkeR

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Mission Statement

In November 2021, a series of floods and mudslides brought about by relentless rainfall and intense storms devastated British Columbia, prompting the province to call a state of emergency. The City of Abbotsford in Southern B.C. was among the areas hit hardest by the floods. During the natural disaster, crops were submerged, residences and processing facilities were destroyed, and much of the flooded equipment was considered unsalvageable. Many farmers attempted to transport their animals to higher ground as their properties flooded but were forced to abandon them with roads collapsing beneath their feet. Industry was further impeded by disruptions to transportation. Rail and truck movement was significantly affected. Shipping through the Vancouver Fraser Port terminals came to a standstill as imports could not be transported inland, and exports could not reach the port. With many transportation and evacuation routes completely flooded, blocked, or destroyed, many people were left stranded. Our goal with ReLinker is to provide emergency personnel, citizens, and others with a way to safety navigate areas affected by natural disaster by avoiding hazards and finding the safest route for evacuation, rescue, and supplies.

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Team Members

Ben Woodward: I am a third year student at the University of Waterloo double-majoring in Geography and Earth Sciences. I am a former gold medalist at the International Geography Olympiad, placing third worldwide in 2019. My areas of interest include geography education and digital humanities, and I enjoy applying my web development and web GIS skills to both of these areas. Some of my projects include www.geoworkshops.ca, a free repository of geography-related workshops and resources for high school students and teachers, and www.bayfieldhistoricalwebmap.ca, a digital atlas that showcases historical photographs, postcards, and maps from Bayfield Ontario.

Jason Sousa: I am in my final semester at UW, majoring in geography and environmental management. I am interested in human interactions with the environment and how infrastructure development impacts ecological systems, particularly effects of development on our water resources. I have work experience in environmental assessment and post-construction monitoring, which initially seeded my interest in these areas. When I’m not looking at maps, I listen to a lot of music.

Justin Lo: I am a third year undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo majoring in Geomatics. My interests involve using GIS to address social issues prevalent in the global landscape and geography education. Some of my projects include developing a lookup application for the City of Waterloo and working on the COVID-19 animation project for the UW Geospatial Club. In my free time I enjoy rock-climbing, watching tv with my family, and spending time with my dog.