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App: Fairy Creek GeoHub

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Mission Statement

Fairy Creek is a region on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, where there have been ongoing protests and blockades since the summer of 2020. Environmental activists are protesting the logging of old-growth forests in the region, arguing that they are ecologically important and are critical for the enviroment. Activists have set up camps and used various tactics to prevent logging companies from accessing the area, leading to clashes with the police, including arrests and the use of force to clear blockades. The conflict between activists and logging companies highlights the ongoing tension between environmental conservation and resource extraction in Canada and has drawn attention from both local and international media.

Old-growth forests in British Columbia, including those in the Fairy Creek watershed, are important for several reasons. These forests are ecologically diverse and provide critical habitat for endangered species. They also play a crucial role in mitigating climate change by storing carbon and regulating the water cycle. Additionally, old-growth forests are important cultural sites for Indigenous communities and provide recreational opportunities for visitors. The decline of these forests by 30% since the 1990s highlights the urgent need for conservation and sustainable management practices.

Our GeoHub website offers a comprehensive platform that provides maps exploring the sustainability of harvesting old-growth forests in British Columbia’s Fairy Creek watershed. Our website features detailed maps that utilize Site Index data, which is considered to be the gold standard measurement of forest productivity, to assess the sustainability of harvesting old-growth forests. The maps also highlight the endangered species in the watershed, providing valuable information about the biodiversity of the area. Additionally, the website displays the carbon storage potential of the trees in the area, helping users understand the role that old-growth and younger-growth trees play in mitigating climate change. Through this website, users can access important data and information about the ecological impacts of old-growth forest harvesting, helping them make informed decisions about conservation and resource management. Overall, our website is an essential tool for anyone interested in understanding the unique and valuable ecosystems of the Fairy Creek watershed.

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Team Members

Tyler Kiovsky: Tyler graduated in 2019 with a T.Diploma in Forestry and Natural Areas Management from British Columbia Institute of Technology. After graduation, Tyler worked in forest management for several years, specializing in operations and layout across the coast of BC. Throughout his time in forestry, he has gained significant experience in forest management and the underlying principles of forest ecology. Tyler has also recently earned the designation of a Certified Arborist under the ISA, and is also eligible to enroll with the Association of BC Forest Professionals. With a slight change of gear, Tyler is now most excited to pursue his interests in GIS.

Anushka Singh: Anushka Singh graduated in 2022 with a BSc. in Biology from the University of British Columbia. For a year, she worked as an environmental data analyst for UBC’s Sea Around Us gaining experience related fishery data, data reconstruction, literature review, Microsoft Excel and working with government statistics. Anushka’s interest in GIS grew from observing her coworkers using GIS to create maps to represent global fisheries and fish populations. She also has an interest in programming, which is a skill she continues to hone. Upon completing the Advanced Diploma in GIS, her goal is to apply her scientific background, analytical skill and new GIS skills in a field related to epidemiology, ocean health or ecology.

Matt Decoste: Matt Decoste was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. At a young age, Matt discovered his passion for the outdoors whether that was biking, skiing, hiking or camping. He grew up skiing at the small local hill at Blue Mountain. After his first family ski trip to the Interior BC, he made it his life goal to move out to British Columbia to combine my love for the outdoors with my career in GIS! Matt graduated Highschool in 2014 where he then went on to complete his B.A in Geography at York University, graduating in 2019. After discovering his passion in GIS while taking introductory courses at university he decided to pursue a career in the GIS field.In September 2022, Matt continued his studies by taking the Advanced Diploma in GIS at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).