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App: Conservation-Go

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Conservation-Go is game that, much like the phenom of Pokémon-Go back in 2016, Conservation-Go believes in connecting the community. Players can go out into their environment and identify species of animals and trees in their neighbourhood. By doing so they will earn points, and be added to online leaderboards. This encourages players tp explore green-spaces, document wildlife and vegetation, and learn more about the local ecology. Connect with like-minded individuals called ‘Green Trainers’, and charities that help communities preserve urban ecology.

Mission Statement

The Conservation-Go project aims to encourage the exploration of local ecology. An educational tool that helps Green Trainers learn about their neighborhood parks, and the Species Collector App that helps them ‘catch’ information. There is an abundance of green spaces within the GTA and beyond, much of which may not be known to young individuals. Much like how Pokémon-Go revolutionized interaction, discovery and community, the Conservation-Go journey aims to evoke similar feelings. In which community comes together to learn about their environmental surroundings, species, vegetation and take on initiatives that are relevant to them.

Video Presentation


Team Members

Belle Tuen: Hi everyone my name is Belle Tuen and in my pocket is my new puppy Uta, I'm in 4B Geomatics here at the University of Waterloo. My interests are in playing badminton, video games and hanging out with friends. I'm really excited to be part of the App Challenge this year, as I finish up my degree.

Noah Cameron: Hello everyone my name is Noah Cameron, I'm also in 4B Geomatics here at the university of Waterloo. I love playing recreational hockey and spending time with my friends. This is my first time participating in the App Challenge and I'm looking forward to using all the GIS skills I've learned throughout my undergraduate.

Victor ChangJing Yan: Hello everyone my name is Victor Yan and beside me is my best friend Barkley. I'm in my 4B of Geomatics at the university of waterloo as well. I love to play hockey and video games such as TFT & league of legends. I'm looking forward to being a part of the Esri Canada App Challenge this year, where we can all experiment and have fun with GIS.

Gagandeep Singh: Hi everyone my name is Gagandeep and I just go by Deep. Like everyone I'm in my 4B term of Geomatics here at the university of Waterloo. I'm a big hockey fanatic as well and generally just love studying GIS, particularly in the case study of Forest Fires. It's a pleasure to be a part of the Esri Canada App Challenge this year.