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Esri Canada congratulates Mac4DAEs, the 2nd Runner-Up of the App Challenge 2024!

App: Road2Home

Hosted in ArcGIS Online:

Mission Statement

The city of Toronto is quintessential to urban expansion. As the most populous city in Canada, roughly three million people call it home. Road2Home is an app that was created in response to the issue of urban expansion and its accompanying demand. Our goal is to support aspiring Toronto residents to make thoughtful decisions on which neighbourhood to move to based on their needs. Suburbs surrounding the city’s downtown core have been developed, but these neighbourhoods haven’t evolved equally. Toronto’s 158 neighbourhoods differ in many aspects, such as the prevalence of green spaces, access to transportation, walkability, crime rates, and population demographics. These are just a few variables found in open datasets across the web, which we have compiled into an interactive one-stop shop to identify which area of Toronto would be the most suitable place to live based on your personal preferences.

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Team Members

Eva Boomsma: (she/her) I am a fourth-year Honours Life Sciences student hoping to work in public or global health. GIS appealed to me because of the many different fields you can apply it to. I’m expected to graduate this spring but I will miss my classmates who have been partners in the learning process to obtain a concurrent certificate in GIS. I’m looking forward to taking a gap year and taking time to travel before pursuing a master’s degree in Europe or Canada. I hope to use GIS as a tool to communicate information with the public in whatever field that might be!

Alice Stubbs: (she/her) I am a Fourth-year Environment and Society student, minoring in archaeology, hoping to pursue a career in urban planning post-graduation. With my background in graphic design and a strong desire to make the world a more understanding place, GIS felt like a perfect match for me! Moving forward, I hope to continue to study ancient cities and communities to help build better cities of tomorrow. More often than not, you can find me trying to determine the best place to get a flat white in Hamilton.

David Figueroa: (he/him) I am currently enrolled in my third year of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences at Mac, and I am currently loving it! It was in my second year when I stumbled upon the introductory GIS course, and ever since I’ve fallen in love with making sense of data and displaying it in fun and intuitive ways on maps. In the future, I’m really looking forward to combining my knowledge of map-making and conservation ecology to contribute to Canada’s fight against declining biodiversity, saving endangered species and everything that comes along with that path. When I’m not holed up in the GIS lab, you’ll probably find me bouldering or hiking in one of Hamilton’s many waterfall trails.