Energy Revolution

The Next Step to Decentralized Power


Our web app provides two services, which enables Calgarians to see how much energy they and their community as a whole can potentially produce, if it were disconnected from the central grid and connected to a distributed energy generation plant.

Explore Neighborhood Matrices: Created using Shiny in R, this service allows users to explore their neighborhood by viewing the following variations in a matrix: 1) potential solar panels installed; 2) current solar energy output (with 265 watt panels) and; 3) maximum potential solar energy output, assuming maximum possible output.

Explore Building Potential: This service expands the capabilites of our app by allowing users to explore the following characteristics: 1) choropleth energy map with statistics per neighborhood; 2) interactive building selection with potential rootop solar output and; 3) a draw tool to create customized areas, which displays panels, solar energy output, and financial feasibility (ROI).

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