Making you aware, so you can prepare.

Promoting earthquake awareness in Eastern Canada.

Our Mission

When we think of earthquakes in Canada, most of us think of the high magnitude events that happen on the West Coast. However, emerging research shows that Eastern Canada is at risk of earthquakes as well: intraplate earthquakes. They are lesser known than interplate earthquakes, and generally of a lower magnitude. Although, if a low magnitude event were to strike an underprepared region, catastrophic damage could occur. While the West Coast may have a higher seizmic risk, Eastern Canada has a higher vulnerability due to lack of awareness and preparedness. Our goal is to change this, with eastQUAKE. We want to inform Eastern Canadians of the risks associated with living in the region, so that they can be prepared when an earthquake happens. Our app contributes to creating sustainable communities in that sustainable communities are ones that can survive disasters, overcome challenges, and keep its people safe.


Our Story Maps

Scroll through our story maps to find out about the history of earthquakes in Canada, intraplate earthquakes, and earthquake preparedness.

Historical Data

Explore all the recorded earthquakes in Eastern Canada from 1600-2019 in one convenient place.


We carried out a Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis to find out where in Hamilton is most susceptible to damage from earthquakes.

Near You?

Find out what earthquakes have happened near you, and which areas have experienced the most seismic events.

Angie Abi Daoud

I am a first year Masters student at McMaster. My current research involves using drone imagery and measured sections to characterize the stratigraphy and facies of the Dunvegan Aquifer in the Liard Basin, NWT to mitigate hydrocarbon contamination risk caused by nearby fracking. Outside of academics, I love taking care of my plant jungle, raising my two baby hamsters, crocheting, and hiking.

Madina Sulaymonova

I am currently in my fourth year of honours Environmental Sciences Co-op. I am on a track to attain a Certified GIS Professional accreditation, by which I plan on applying my passion for GIS to epidemiology. My senior thesis project studies the association between emissions and inhalation intake on various routes in Hamilton, Ontario. My hobbies include walking to Starbucks while listening to true crime podcasts and playing APEX Legends.

Olivia Maddigan

I am a fourth year Geography and Environmental Science Co-Op student with a passion for GIS. My senior thesis project focuses on respiratory health determinants in Hamilton, Ontario. Outside of school, I can be found reading obscure Wikipedia pages, drinking herbal tea, and playing with my two cats (Lucifer and Felix).