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App: First Nations Monument Tour of Oak Bay

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Mission Statement

The mission of this app is to provide an enhanced site experience for the First Nations monuments in Oak Bay, BC that highlights the continued role of First Nations in the landscape. The goal of the Oak Bay monuments initiative is outlined by founder Marion Cumming: to start a conversation about the people and places that lived on the land for thousands of years. When walking around the manicured streets of Oak Bay it is hard to imagine the garry oak, red cedar, and Douglas fir ecosystems that supported thousands of L’kwungen speaking peoples. This app in key to addressing the increasingly the dynamic relationship between memory and place that is being challenged in the search modern individual and group identities.

Video Presentation


Team Members

Trilby Buck: (left) Trilby Buck is a fourth year geomatics student at the University of Victoria. Through experiences from an international co-op to Ghana, she realized the role of geospatial technologies for addressing local and global scale issues. Her undergraduate work has centered around using GIS and remote sensing to support community engagement surrounding environmental and social change.

Thea Mai: (right) Thea Mai is also fourth year geomatics student at the University of Victoria. Over the last four years she has explored GIS and remote sensing, focusing in on Vancouver crime, air pollution, and oceanography. Recently she has been examining indigenous ways of knowing and how to incorporate them into geomatics through alternative ways of mapping and connections with the land.